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Tonight’s thesis music:

So am I
Good or bad
The way that things did turn out
I did only make you sad

chrryblssmninja replied to your post “Thesis update: I opposite slump!”

I hope you’ll feel better (especially when the thing is done!)

I will feel awesome when thing is done! I shall celebrate by sleeping for days! It’ll be great! :D

I wish you all the cool jackets and luck for your thesis!

Thank you! When I win the lottery and/or get a job, I WILL have cool jackets! :D

(And probably I would make more progress on my thesis if I stopped fucking around online. Maybe. Ahem.)

Which is kind of awful, to tell the truth, but I probably won’t care by the time I finish the bottle. <— Cheap drunk.

Mom says I can’t buy designer jacket, even if it is very nice:

Instead, she suggests, I could pay my electricity bill, my Mastercard bill and my phone bill.

Being a grown up is terrible. *sulks* *drinks cava*

Mostly I just want to replace my ten year old tweed blazer, but apparently this is very hard to do. Partly because I want my pockets to be REAL POCKETS and partly because apparently I and 80 year old ladies are the only ones who buy them.

Did I mention the cheap cava?

But don’t worry, my drunken thesis angst will be tagged “thesis ugh” as usual!

By the way, my love for every one of you who take the time to read this, and try to help and cheer me up and pat me on the head and suff, is huge and enormous like the OCEAN! (An ocean of cava! …sorry, I’ll stop now.)


He’s not sure why he took the sad old broken toy with him, but something about it was oddly familiar.

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Aka this is why I need my zombie modes and/or train rides. I don’t multitask so  much as completely lack focus.

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here’s how I think the leading lady MCU movies should happen:

  • obviously the Black Widow movie comes first, and it’s basically Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff versus Freddie Lounds Lara Jean Chorostecki as Yelena Belova and I don’t really care if they make Natasha her comic book age or not but some Bucky/Natasha backstory would be great thanks
  • next is a Captain Marvel movie in which Carol Danvers is an air force pilot who encounters alien technology that gives her superpowers, the movie addresses the misogyny women face in the armed forces and male-dominated spaces in general, she gets dishonorably discharged preferably for pissing off powerful men but probably for independently investigating the aforementioned alien technology and at the end Sharon Carter approaches her to talk about the Avengers Initiative, also the whole movie foreshadows the Kree invasion and Chewie is prominently featured
  • then She-Hulk, of course, in which Jennifer Walters is an assistant district attorney working on a high profile mob case and after she gets brutally attacked the hospital calls her cousin Bruce Banner to give her a blood transfusion, which he reluctantly does, and he sidekicks her while she cracks the case and destroys the mobsters and we get more backstory re: his abusive father and the root of his anger issues, the movie also addresses body image issues and at the end Jennifer decides to go green, literally, and after the credits we learn that the doctor who treated her was Michael Morbius, who injects himself with a serum he concocted using a sample of her blood taken after she miraculously healed because he thinks it’ll cure his porphyria, and this foreshadows the inevitable vampire-slaying team up with oodles of incredulity and pop culture references, also at some point Jennifer mentions her ex-boyfriend Luke Cage, because they’re making a Luke Cage tv series
  • they’re also making a Jessica Jones tv series so we’ll see how that goes, but I’d like it if they skipped the creepy Purple Man storyline and since we’re not actually going to get that Captain Marvel movie Carol Danvers should be in it and Chewie should be prominently featured
  • my kingdom for a Spider-Woman movie in which teenage Jessica Drew is released from HYDRA induced cryogenic stasis after SHIELD falls with one goal: to assassinate Nick Fury (this would ideally come on the heels of The Winter Soldier, obviously, but that is not the world in which we live) who flees to Tromsø and ends up hanging out with Thor, Jane and Darcy while Jessica escalates, and then of course he eventually apprehends her and takes her back to Stark Tower for deprogramming and rehabilitation and after he explains how he adopted the girl who tried to kill him Clint is just like “so I guess you made a different call”
  • also Jennifer Walters and Jessica Jones and Jessica Drew should all be WoC because as much as I love the ladies of the MCU they’re all white women and that should change
  • and I’m still bitter they didn’t make Janet van Dyne a founding member of the Avengers in the MCU and I know she’s going to be in Ant-Man but I’m not over it I’ll never be over it okay bye

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